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Ultimately, an LMS needs to connect students and teachers in an online environment with digital course content.

So, if online course content is digital, how easy it is for one teacher to discover and re-use content from another teacher? How can teachers find and share content based on common core? Yesterday, these were difficult questions with inelegant solutions. Today, the answers are easier than you think.

Building a Digital District 

A tall order? Not anymore!

What if...

What if you could tag content with local and federal criteria (like common core) to simplify the discovery and re-use of critical content?

What if simple versioning control made it easy for you to update your content, or content you borrowed from others without negatively effecting others?

What if you could create learning activities that could be used by all the major LMS systems with no need of translation?

What if your district could create channels of approved content, so that teachers could easily find appropriate materials?

What if teachers could apply simple licenses (like All Rights Reserved or Creative Common's share-alike) to content, so that the software enforced all of the privacy and sharing designations?

What if teachers, or departments, or schools created channels of content that could be used by others in the world, or by designated teachers or institutions?

Interested in learning more? 

Discover, Author, and Share Course Content with Ease